Testimonial - Kathleen Downey

I am honored to write a note about the amazing Sensei Majid. He is a light in my life. He brings joy and happiness with every interaction. He brings a warmth and a love/compassion that is unparalleled to any "trainer" (better word - teacher) that I have ever met. He cares. He truly cares. He wants the best for the people he allows in his life and will go to the end of the world for those people. Sometimes he gives too much - but that is who he is - he is a giver / a healer / a believer / a man of integrity. However, do not be fooled. He may be the nicest most loving person you've ever met, but within him lies a warrior. A gladiator until the end - he fights with his heart and his soul - he fights to win. (So much so I can't watch - because to me he is my, Sensei Majid - not a gnarly kick-butt lethal weapon!!) He was put on this Earth to let his strength, determination, dedication, and spirit empower others...and that is what he has done for me.  
Majid had me figured out within 20 minutes of speaking. We sat on a bench at a beautiful park. It was Father's Day (a very hard day for me since my Dad's passing 2005). I didn't want to leave my house, but he insisted I meet him right away. So, begrudgingly I pulled myself off the couch and went to our first meeting. He saw in me what I could not. He also saw a very heartbroken person with an abundance of light and love desperate for an awakening. I am not sure where I would be today without the guidance and support of Sensei Majid. He brought me back. He helped me find my smile again. I had missed that real smile for so long. 
So...I almost passed out our first session. He pushed me (safely) to do more, to be more. He set the bar high - he KNEW I would rise to the occasion. He saw a fierce competitor - which I know lies within me, but after years of being deflated and defeated one forgets this. He reminded me. He empowered me to own my beauty and strength. He helped me make life changes that left me happier and healthier.
We are four months into our training (as of Oct. 4th 2015) and I cannot imagine a life without Sensei Majid. He took me to the market, picking out foods and explaining their benefits - he cared enough to make sure I was also nourishing  my body from the inside not just ascetically. Has your trainer/teacher taken you to Whole Foods?! Probably not. Does your trainer/teacher make sure you're eating enough? Probably not. 
In closing, Sensei Majid has hands down enhanced my life in a short time. Yes, sometimes he is super intense and I just have to roll with it (because after all he is the Sensei). At his core he is good and true. At his core is a person who wants make this world a better place - and he is making strides to do that each and every day (whether training, teaching, lecturing or creating his legend bar).
Thank you, my friend, my teacher, my sensei Majid for enhancing my life and helping me find my real smile again. I owe you one :) 
I highly recommend Sensei Majid to anyone who is looking to make a life change; to anyone who is willing to put in the work to better themselves. He'll get you on the right path.
Kathleen Downey - Director of West Coast Sales, 33Across   

Testimonial - Jamie Apps

I trained several times a week both in group classes and privately with Majid for two years. He's a gentle genius, who helped me develop powerful, realistic insights. He taught me how to subdue emotions such as fear and anger, to concentrate on the task at hand. Or, as Bruce Lee used to say, how to "empty the cup."  
I am a difficult student, due to previous negative experiences and bad case of ADHD. But Majid really likes challenges, and better yet, he really likes people who want to be different. I have worked with excellent trainers both here and in Europe, and no one has exceeded his insights into the connection between brain, body & spirit.  Also he is a genius about physiology, with the ability to help you prevent injury.  At my age, 57, this is particularly important.  Thanks in large part to his guidance I am injury-free and frequently able to outperform the twenty-somethings in the class, much to their distress. 
As a result of working with him, I am now much better at handling stress, crises, intimidation and many other situations that can really throw up obstacles. Majid helped me understand motivations and illusions that impersonate reality.  Martial arts is all about being in the moment, being humble, kind and unstoppable when the cause is right.  If you train with him, you can bust through a lot of common myths and move ahead with your most challenging and important goals.  
May we bring love into the public space, illuminating the dark corners of injustice.- Omid Safi

Testimonial - Jamie Cerreta

Training with Sensei Majid has changed my life, helping me discover a new level of positive focus that translates to all I do whether that be work or my family.
He is second to none in Mixed Martial Arts instruction, but training with him is so much more than physical.  He has truly helped me to be a happier an healthier, challenging me and encouraging me every step of the way.

Jamie Cerreta
Executive Vice President/Partner

Testimonial - Pierre Narvades

Thanks to Sensei Majid Raees, I’ve come a long way since he took me under his wing 13 years ago.  When I first started kickboxing at the Jet Center in 2002, I literally had “two left feet”, and had no idea about fighting with my hands and feet.  Today, under Sensei Majid’s guidance, I can truly say that I can hold my own against anyone in the ring.  
Sensei Majid taught me the physical aspects, but more importantly, the mental aspects of fighting.  Once I was able to put the two together, not only did I become a better kickboxer, I became a better person as well. Sensei Majid taught me to be extremely focused and calm during a fight.  Eventually, these traits spilled into my personal and professional life as well. The “new” me reconnected with estranged family members and my business steadily grew!
But my transformation didn’t happen overnight.  Fortunately, Sensei Majid was extremely patient with me, and over time, brought out the best in me.  For this, I thank you Sensei Majid!  My wife and family would also like to thank you wholeheartedly for changing who I am!
Pierre Narvades
ECompounding Pharmacy, CEO