Testimonial - Jamie Apps

I trained several times a week both in group classes and privately with Majid for two years. He's a gentle genius, who helped me develop powerful, realistic insights. He taught me how to subdue emotions such as fear and anger, to concentrate on the task at hand. Or, as Bruce Lee used to say, how to "empty the cup."  
I am a difficult student, due to previous negative experiences and bad case of ADHD. But Majid really likes challenges, and better yet, he really likes people who want to be different. I have worked with excellent trainers both here and in Europe, and no one has exceeded his insights into the connection between brain, body & spirit.  Also he is a genius about physiology, with the ability to help you prevent injury.  At my age, 57, this is particularly important.  Thanks in large part to his guidance I am injury-free and frequently able to outperform the twenty-somethings in the class, much to their distress. 
As a result of working with him, I am now much better at handling stress, crises, intimidation and many other situations that can really throw up obstacles. Majid helped me understand motivations and illusions that impersonate reality.  Martial arts is all about being in the moment, being humble, kind and unstoppable when the cause is right.  If you train with him, you can bust through a lot of common myths and move ahead with your most challenging and important goals.  
May we bring love into the public space, illuminating the dark corners of injustice.- Omid Safi