Testimonial - Pierre Narvades

Thanks to Sensei Majid Raees, I’ve come a long way since he took me under his wing 13 years ago.  When I first started kickboxing at the Jet Center in 2002, I literally had “two left feet”, and had no idea about fighting with my hands and feet.  Today, under Sensei Majid’s guidance, I can truly say that I can hold my own against anyone in the ring.  
Sensei Majid taught me the physical aspects, but more importantly, the mental aspects of fighting.  Once I was able to put the two together, not only did I become a better kickboxer, I became a better person as well. Sensei Majid taught me to be extremely focused and calm during a fight.  Eventually, these traits spilled into my personal and professional life as well. The “new” me reconnected with estranged family members and my business steadily grew!
But my transformation didn’t happen overnight.  Fortunately, Sensei Majid was extremely patient with me, and over time, brought out the best in me.  For this, I thank you Sensei Majid!  My wife and family would also like to thank you wholeheartedly for changing who I am!
Pierre Narvades
ECompounding Pharmacy, CEO